Care Guide

Bonsai Care Guide

Exposure | Lighting

Most bonsai plant types thrive outdoors in warm tropical or subtropical climates. They also do very well indoors, all year round, away from direct sunlight provided they are watered moderately. Most bonsai can tolerate low light conditions. Excessive sunlight can actually burn the leaves and inhibit proper growth.


Bonsai should be watered moderately, allowing the soil to dry out between each watering session (though not completely); lukewarm tap water works fine. The plant also thrives with regular misting. Bonsai are also relatively low-maintenance as far as feeding goes. They really only need to be fed when most of the growth occurs, from spring to fall.

Additional Care Tips

If you desire a more traditional looking bonsai without too much work, you can achieve this with Bonsai by potting the roots parallel to the surface of the soil and covering most of the bulkier roots. If only portions of the roots are exposed, the growth can look big and elegant.